Capital City Pistol Shooters

What is Capital City Pistol Shooters?

Capital City Pistol Shooters (CCPS) is an IDPA affiliated club that holds monthly IDPA matches at Capital City Gun Club.  

Do I have to be a member of Capital City Gun Club to participate?

      No, however we ask that non-members stay in the area of the match.  All participates are required to attend our safety orientation.  We do not do safety orientations on match day, please email us to set up a time for your orientation.

 When are the Matches?

      Just click here to see the complete schedule.  Sunday setup starts at 7:30, shooter´┐Żs meeting at 9:45 and start the match at 10:00.

 What does it cost?

      New match fees for 2018 to be announced soon

 What do I have to do to set up a stage?

      Either design your own stage or find one you like, visit the links page to find several sites with contributed courses of fire.  Once you have your COF, show up early on the day you signed up to set up and put your stage together. 

Want to stay informed of upcoming matches?

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