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Smallbore Rifle


The CCGC Smallbore discipline has been growing steadily for several years now. We have added new events and expanded on some of our traditional events.

CCGC Smallbore has two State Championship matches and a Regional event as part of our shooting calendar. The Kansas Outdoor 3-Position Championship is held at CCGC in September and the Kansas Conventional Prone Championship is at CCGC in October. These events bring in shooters of all levels, from beginner to international level.

We have a new match for this year, Rimfire Sporter Rifle. The intention of this match is to use a common sporting type rimfire rifle. “Competition” type rifles shoot in a separate class. The course is simple and the match is short enough for anyone to participate.

Get your kids or grandkids involved in the shooting sports. It is a great way to spend time with them doing something you both enjoy.


The CCGC is sponsoring a junior shooting program that is open to all members and non-members. Friends of the NRA, CCGC Smallbore Rifle discipline, and CCGC fund the program.


The purpose of the program is to provide instruction and practice, develop the skills necessary to safely handle and use firearms and also to learn the skills of smallbore rifle and precision air rifle competition.


The program meets at the CCGC smallbore range on Thursday nights through the summer. Equipment for the program is provided such as eye and ear protection, instructional manuals, match grade smallbore rifles, coats, slings, mats and gloves.

Instruction and practice experience is provided to the beginning shooter. Instruction covers such topics as safety, nomenclature, sight alignment, breath control, trigger control and the three basic positions, prone, standing and kneeling. Precision Air Rifle and 3-position Air rifle disciplines are also part of the junior program. CCGC has equipment for training colligates and pre colligate shooters attending or planning to attend a collage that has an international shooting program. Rifle (3-Position Smallbore) and Precision Air Rifle are NCAA Division One sports. Practical exercises include firing in the supported prone, prone, standing and kneeling positions. An NRA Appointed Instructor and assistant instructors familiar with competitive shooting supervise the program.

When the new shooter is ready, participation in competition is encouraged and promoted. Both indoor and outdoor matches are available in the area for the smallbore or air rifle shooter to participate. Summer shooting camps and clinics are also available in the area for more instruction and practice. Club smallbore matches provide an excellent opportunity for the new shooter to start.

I would like to remind everyone that when a range is in use for a competition, that range is closed until the competition is complete.

 Tim Morrissey, Smallbore Director


  Your Smallbore Director is:   Tim Morrissey

Questions ? .....Call Tim at  785-235-6701


     Capital City Gun Club,    PO Box 332,    Topeka, Kansas  66601-0332      Range Phone  785-478-4682