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Capital City Cowboys - Cowboy Action Shooting

The Capital City Cowboys shoot on the fourth Sunday of each month. We are SASS affiliated and follow their rules. Also, both eye and ear protection are mandatory. You'll generally need two revolvers, a rifle, and a shotgun with at least a box of ammunition for each gun to get through a match. Bring extra, 'cause there's nothing worse than coming up short of ammo in the middle of a shootout! If you don't have all the guns, don't worry, come on out. Cowboys are a friendly bunch and someone will probably loan you what you need. Just make an attempt to "dress cowboy" and plan to have a good time. 

To find us, take Interstate 70 West from Topeka to the Valencia Road Exit (see a map). Get on the west bound access road and follow it until you are forced to turn north (right) onto Docking Road. Turn west (left) at the first opportunity onto NW 4th Street and follow it to the gun club entrance on the right (north). Follow the gun club road until you see cowboys! 

For more information about the Capital City Cowboys,

Your Director is:   Allen Shelton 

Questions ? ......Call  Allen at  785-640-3742



  Capital City Gun Club,    PO Box 332,    Topeka, Kansas  66601-0332      Range Phone  785-478-4682