I.      Safety is the responsibility of each and every club member.  In order to provide a better facility and maintain a safe and pleasant environment for recreational and competitive shooting, members are required to know, observe and enforce the rules as written herein.  (Additions and changes to these regulations will be published in the club newsletter and website.  Contact an appropriate club officer if you have any questions regarding these range rules.)  **Violation of range rules may result in suspension or loss of membership privileges.**  CCGC is not responsible for any accidents, personal injury, loss or theft of property.

      II.      Privileges and Responsibilities

a.      Range privileges are restricted to those holding current membership in CCGC.  Included are immediate family members (member’s spouse and children under 21 years of age attending school, who depend on member for total support, including grandchildren).

b.      Badges:  Members must display their membership badge at all times when on Club grounds.  It is the duty of each member to ask anyone without a badge to produce one.  Anyone unable to produce a membership badge will be asked to leave the range.

                                                              i.            Exceptions:

1.       While working on range property it is not necessary to wear a badge.

2.       Non-members with a guest pass that are accompanied by a member.

3.       Nonmembers using the shotgun range.

4.       Military and Police organizations in training and qualifying.  (** The weapons and equipment used by some of these organizations are U.S. Government property governed by State, Federal, and Local regulations.  Club members are not to loiter in or around these areas while in use by Military or Police groups).

c.       Keys or badges shall not be loaned to non-members.  Members shall not make duplicate keys.  Replacement keys and badges may be obtained from the Club Treasurer at a nominal cost.

d.      A Club member must accompany non-members.  It is the responsibility of the member to arrange for a guest pass for each shooting guest.  A guest pass must be affixed to a guest’s outer garment so it is visible.  There shall be a limit of two shooting guests per day per member.  Passes dated for the day to used, may be obtained for $10.00 each from the following sources:

                                                              i.            High power building (Range 3)

                                                            ii.            Any Club officer

                                                          iii.            Range officers

                                                           iv.            Skeet building (when open)

                                                             v.            High Plains Gun Shop (closed Sundays & Mondays)

e.      Non-member groups may make special arrangements with the Club Secretary to use the club facilities.  To avoid conflicts with special Club activities, the Secretary shall seek approval from the specific Club director responsible for the range requested by the non-member group.  All non-member groups must be accompanied by a range officer from their organization and at least one Club member who shall supervise and enforce all range rules and regulations.  Non-member groups must apply in writing and receive approval a minimum of 60 days in advance.  Applications must include specific dates, ranges, size of group and range officer in charge.

f.        Annual dues shall be due on July 1st.  Renewal dues received after August 1st must be accompanied by a new member application.  Any prorating of dues shall be at the discretion of the Treasurer.  The Board of Directors may elect honorary life members.  Any Club member, who has been a member for fifteen years, has attained the age of 65, and who is retired shall not pay dues and have all the privileges of regular membership.  The Board of Directors may create special classes of associate membership at a special membership charge.

    III.      General Safety Rules

a.      Eleven fundamental rules for gun safety are:

1.       Always assume that every gun is always loaded.

2.       Always keep you finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

3.       Always keep the gun unloaded till ready to use.

4.       Be sure the gun is safe to use.

5.       Know how to use the gun safely.

6.       Use only the correct ammunition for you gun.

7.       Know you target and what lies beyond.

8.       Wear eye and ear protection.  (eye protection is mandatory)

9.       Never use drugs or alcohol before or while shooting.

10.   Store your guns safely and never leave then unattended.

11.   Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

b.      Firearms shall be brought to the line unloaded in a case, a box, a secure holster, or with actions open in a safe condition.

c.       Loaded firearms shall be pointed down range at all times.

d.      No automatic weapons are permitted except for members of law enforcement agencies, military services or reserves if the weapon is fired in the semi-automatic mode only.  Tracer and armor piercing ammunition is prohibited.  No .50 caliber BMG firearms allowed.

e.      Shooting at other than Club approved targets is prohibited.  Improper targets create serious safety and range maintenance problems.  Improper targets include, but are not limited to, the following: tin cans, bottles, target frames and supports, rocks, signs, trees, vehicles, buildings or other permanent structures.

f.        All firing shall be from the established firing line or position.  No crossing shots.

g.      Before going down range, a shooter must receive permission from the range officer or all shooter on the firing line.  Other shooters are required to extend this courtesy to a shooter who wishes to go down range, but shooter should minimize the number and frequency of such requests.

h.      While shooters are down range, firearms shall be unloaded and have their actions open.  Firearms are not to be touched or handled.

i.        Always use available range warning lights or signals except when the range is under the command of a range officer.

    IV.      Range specific rules, (rules will be posted at each range and are available to members upon request).

a.      Pistol ranges – do not remove target frames from the range.  The steel gongs on the range may only be shot from under the east end of the canopy.

b.      Rifle range – the 300 yard range is restricted to NRA classified high power competitors, Club rifle matches, and those with the specific permission of the high power director or a club officer.

c.       Black Powder / Cowboy Action / Smallbore range – the 25 yard target backstop may not be shot by anything but muzzle loading black powder weapons & .22 rim fire.  Rim fire or black powder only, except during approved matches.

d.      Shotgun range – this is the only range that may be used by non-members without a guest pass.  The fee for 25 targets for skeet and trap shall be posted.  Target throwing devices other than those owned by the Club may only be used on field #3 when the skeet range is not in use.  Pattern board only when skeet range is not in use.

e.      Limitations on shotgun components:

                                                              i.            No shot larger than #7 ˝ may be used.

                                                            ii.            Maximum weight shot charge of 1 & 1/8 oz.

                                                          iii.            Maximum powder load of 3 drams equivalent.

f.        Non-shooting ranges – knife and tomahawk ranges shall be marked and the specific rules for those ranges posted.

      V.      General property regulations

a.      Consumption of alcoholic beverages on club property is absolutely prohibited.  No one shall be allowed on Club property while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

b.      Hunting or trapping of any animal or bird including non-game species on Club property is prohibited.

c.       Fireworks are prohibited.

d.      Children – all children and shooters under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times when on Club property.

e.      Pets must be tied or on a leash at all times when on Club property.

f.        Parking is permitted only in designated areas.  Vehicles are not to be driven on the ranges without specific authority of the range officer or club officer/s.

g.      The posted speed limit shall be observed at all times. (5mph)

h.      Picnic area is open to all persons authorized to use other club property.  It is the duty of persons using the picnic area to keep it clean.

i.        Trash, including all used targets, must be placed in the trash barrels.  No trash dumping is allowed.

j.        Fires for camping and cooking may be used in picnic areas when proper precautions are used.  All fires must be extinguished after use.

k.       Wood cutting for fires or personal use is not permitted without permission of the executive officer (brush piles are ok).

l.        Entrance gate – the last person leaving the range, regardless of the time of day, shall lock the entrance gate.  However, the will be left open when the ranges are available to the public or groups with permission of the board.